WP7 Running On An HTC HD2?

It’s a trick we’ve heard rumor of before, but now we have clearer evidence than ever that you can get WP7 running on the HTC HD2. It’s been achieved by a Chinese group, and we still don’t know all the details.

It’s the first real evidence we’ve seen of porting WP7 to other devices, notably ones that can support the OS but haven’t been officially okayed by Microsoft. Who knows, this might be the beginning of a generation of underground handsets. It could also be a very cheap way to get a WP7 phone, just grab a second hand HD2 off eBay, and install the OS yourself.


  1. Christopher Meinck says

    The guys at the real XDA are going to be all over this. Good for those who bought the HTC HD2. If this becomes reality, that’s certainly an awesome upgrade.

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