Verizon HTC Trophy Windows Phone 7 Coming Soon

The long awaited first Windows Phone 7 device for Verizon has shown up on The phone is listed at a price of $599.99, which is a pretty steep price but most likely not official. Best Buy usually lists items that haven't been officially announced yet at a ridiculously high price for the sake of protecting accidental sales. In other sources, Engadget received … [Read more...]

Microsoft Update On AT&T NoDo Release With AT&T Only Features Included

Shortly after the leaked internal AT&T email hit the net, Microsoft responded with a blog post confirming that NoDo update is one step closer. Eric Hautala, GM, Customer Experience Engineering, made the informative post which didn't exactly confirm the April 19 release date, but simply that "Windows Phones sold by AT&T are a big step closer to getting updates." Of … [Read more...]

Last In Line, AT&T Finally Sets A Date For NoDo Release

In an exclusive internal email posted over at WinRumors, AT&T has finally set a date for the NoDo update release. The release  is (finally!) set for April 19, upon which NoDo will be available all at once for LG Quantum and Samsung Focus devices. It seems HTC Surround users won't be so fortunate, as AT&T states that NoDo release won't happen until mid-May release. There … [Read more...]

AT&T To Acquire T-Mobile USA From Deutsche Telekom


If you haven't heard the spontaneous news already from yesterday about AT&T purchasing T-Mobile USA, we have all the important details for you right here. You read correctly, T-Mobile USA will now be part of AT&T, in a purchase by AT&T of $39 billion. We spare you the lengthy articles and jumbled them together and get down to the details that you, as a consumer, … [Read more...]

AT&T Releases HTC HD7S


AT&T has just announced that they'll be selling the HTC HD7S, which appears to be the same as the already available T-Mobile HTC HD7, just with a bit more S I suppose. It's the same 4.3-inch screen, 1GHz processor, 5MP camera, and whatnot — and it'll have copy and paste. It really is just the HD7 but on a different network — which is to say the same network now that … [Read more...]