Windows Phone 8 Goes Gold, Released to Manufacturing

There had been stories of delays, but those can be put to rest as Windows Phone 8 has been released to manufacturing or what developers would term RTM, Gold. In other words, it’s finished and ready to rock. Sent to manufacturers, including Nokia, who can start the process of preparing for shipment of devices to market. Sources tell WPCentral that the build was “on time”. Team members “signed off” on the release yesterday, celebrating the event by signing this large Windows Phone 8 banner.

Windows Phone 8 RTM

Expectations are for the first devices to land in early November. Nokia Lumia 920. Samsung ATIV-S and a yet to be introduced HTC device all appear to be on schedule for a fall introduction.

With the new feature set found in Windows Phone 8, the company is prepared to do battle with the likes of Android and the new iPhone 5. Should make for a fun fall. Now let’s get some release dates!

Source: WPCentral


  1. Derail Doax says

    With an identical hardware set as a Galaxy S 3 the ATIV S is the most compelling of all the upcoming Windows Phones for me. It will definitely be my go to Windows Phone device if anyone asks my opinion.

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