Windows Phone 7 Doing Better Than Expected In Australia

All things considered, the general opinion is that WP7 hasn’t been doing as well as it should. It doesn’t matter if you blame it on lackluster advertising, slow updates, or a saturated market, without Microsoft putting out official numbers people are guessing low sales. However, this might not be the case in Australia. According to ChannelNews Microsoft’s platform is doing surprisingly well on the other side of the planet.

Their numbers come via analyst group Novosel, who say that in Australia WP7 accounts for around 5% of the marketshare, where in other countries it hovers around 2%. This is potentially their best performance in any nation.

I’m typically wary of numbers slung around by analysts, but I’m hoping this is accurate. Any nation that can provide Microsoft with a stronghold of support is good news for the platform.


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