Windows Phone 7.8 Update Coming Soon?

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 7.8 would bring many of the features of Windows Phone 8 to older devices. There is a growing frustration among those who have older devices, with little nothing coming out of Redmond about the release. Today they furnished TechCrunch with a vague statement.

“We have made no further announcement on this but hope to share more details in the near future.” 

Paul Thurrott summed it up best in this blog post aptly titled, “Windows Phone Team: This Is No Way To Treat Early Adopters.”

Can someone help me define the near future. Days, weeks, months? What’s their endgame? Pushing early adopters to new Windows Phone 8 devices? Maybe they should consider offering rebates, similar to what Motorola’s done.



  1. Eddie says

    i bought a lumia 900 and convinced a couple of my friends to switch to a windows phone. After a couple of weeks i find out the phone i was bragging to my friends would be obsolete. The first slap on my face. Then i heard of the 7.8 update and waited patiently. Now, a couple of months passes by and not even a single word or mention of the update came out. Second slap!. I can’t, for the life of me understand how such a company whom i supported from the start leave us wp7.x early adopters in the dust? What was your plan microsoft? Dangle the Wp8 phones infront of us and hope we upgrade? Provide me with a free wp8 phone and i will, but i live in the real world microsoft, thats a world where money doesn’t grow on trees!. To be ignored like this after my continuing support for your products sickens me. My decision to replace my android phone for a windows phone now baffles me. Regret. Major regret.

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