Were Only 40,000 WP7 Phones Sold On Day One?

The Street is reporting that 40,000 Windows Phone 7 devices were sold in the first day of sales, a surprisingly low number. By comparison, the original iPhone sold over 250,000 in its first weekend.

I’m not quite buying this as a doom and gloom prediction. Firstly, The Street isn’t saying where these numbers come from, citing only “a market research source who tracks phone sales.” I’m going to need a slightly more legitimate reference than that before I start believing the numbers.

Reports from people actually in stores paint a picture of lines and sold out handsets, not to mention the fact that Microsoft did a really, really big non-American push before this.

I don’t think this number paints the whole picture, and I think more info will come to light in the near future.


  1. Seth says

    The numbers worry me. Do they worry you? Just a little bit?

    I wonder whether Windows Phone 7 will be supported into the future. I think it is a legitimate question. Will the updates be provided into the future? There is just a bit of uncertainty.

  2. Bob says

    I was at Microsoft retail store and they ran out of Focus phones when store opened. Amazon doesn’t have it either. That pretty much tells you that phone supply is low.

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