Video: Windows Phone 7 Fart App Roundup & Review

We interrupt our normally high brow coverage of Windows Phone for this roundup.

Like it or not, fart applications have become the fabric of any credible App Store or in this case Marketplace. In Apple’s App Store, iFart sold 38,927 copies of their room clearing app in one day. People buy these apps. We figured we’d do our civic duty and provide our readers with a roundup of fart apps in the Marketplace. Prices vary from free to $0.99.

So what app did we find to be the best of the bunch? Fart Sounds ($0.99) was the clear winner. It’s robust selection of sounds, easy set-up of “timed explosions” made for an easy choice. Honorable mention goes to FartPiano ($0.99), which offered a new musical twist to fart apps. The best of the free apps goes to Fart Machine, offering timed release and a good selection of sounds that bested some of the paid apps.

We’ll do our best to bring you back to our normal, crassless coverage.


    • Christopher Meinck says

      If you have a YouTube video, shoot me the link via the Contact Us forum and I’ll add it to the post. Sorry about that.

      • KKIA Software says

        Thanks. I need to get one made. Right now the marketplace has a bug such that keywords aren’t being used in searches. The only things you will find if you search for “fart” are apps with “fart” in the title :(

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