Video: Installing a microSD in Samsung Focus

Despite all the warnings, we know that many of you are likely going to upgrade the memory on your Samsung Focus. Here’s a brief video that outlines the steps to upgrading the storage memory by installing a microSD card. The card used in this particular video was a SanDisk 32GB bulk-packaging microSD that was priced at roughly $90 with tax, shipping at Amazon. Note: It’s technically a class-2 card, while the Samsung approved card is a class-4. Since this card was purchased from Amazon, we’re covered by their 30-day return policy. If you are not sure about the card you are purchasing, we advise that you check with the retailer to make sure they accept returns. It’s still early, but there haven’t been any issues. Should we encounter any problems, I’ll update this article accordingly.

UPDATE: I’ve started to see some real major issues. The device will revert back to a stock install. Upon restarting the phone, it would go through the start up phase. Upon entering my Windows Live ID, it then remembered some of my previous setup. Some tiles on the homescreen sent missing where I had initially setup mail accounts. All of my music was still there. At this point, I’d be real cautious about adding a card that’s lower than a Class 4 and be sure they have a great return policy.

Samsung Focus microSD install


  1. Christopher Meinck says

    Overall, I’ve had no problems. When my battery had reached “critical”, it appeared as if my phone reset. Real odd. Powering it up and restarting fixed it. So far, so good.

  2. Christopher Meinck says

    @Roberto You might want to solicit feedback from people in our forums. Good luck and let us know how it works out for you.

  3. Srivatsan says

    hey just want to know if restoring to factory settings is going to delete the AT&T apps or are those apps part of the factory settings.

  4. Thomas Schubert says

    Have you tried physically filling that space? I have no problem syncing data up to the max onboard but then it slows to less than a crawl after that.

  5. thomas schubert says

    Cool. Then I can officially report that the Kingston 16gig class 4 doesn’t seem to work with this camera. I’m headed to the store in about an hour to see if I can find a SanDisk. Thanks man. I’ll report back.

  6. thomas schubert says

    I now have the exact card in the mail. Hopefully It will put this phone back to normal.

    Currently it’s lagging in really weird ways at the start screen. Not recognizing my touch at all for several seconds At a time. Please tell me you haven’t experienced this at all. Like sometimes I’ll be at the list of apps and ill swipe back to the start but it will take as long as six or seven whole seconds to actually do it. Basically i just want to know there’s hope or if i should just bail. Thanks a lot for your responses.

    • Christopher Meinck says

      I didn’t see any lag. Not sure if it was a user-error, but at times it wouldn’t swipe up from the lock screen. Everything else appeared to work properly. I ran into issues with the phone forgetting information. It would soft-restart and I’d see email set-up as one of the tiles, after I had already set-up two accounts. It was bizarre.

  7. Thomas schubert says

    Hmmm. Crap. Yeah that’s one of the signs that the card is incompatible. The samsung rep I talked to yesterday told me there were absolutely no compatible cards on the market and that they were working with Sandisk to create one. Should release after the new year.

    I’ll fiddle with the card that’s in the mail. If there are any problems related to the card I’ll be sending it back and just see what the phone is like without one.

    Please keep posting any problems you have with the performance while the card is installed. If that email erases again etc.

    • Christopher Meinck says

      If true, that begs the question, “who approved page 1 of the Quickstart Guide that details how to install a microSD card” with absolutely no information on what cards will work. To have one of the major features of the phone not be functional on day 1 is a pretty serious flaw.

      • Thomas Schubert says

        Oh yeah. Completely unacceptable, but honestly? My only real problem with the phone. Unfortunately, and I mean that in the strongest way possible, this is a priority one major problem. They should have either made major announcements with definitive answers (the answers I’ve gotten from AT&T have changed with every person I meet and depending on the day) and they should be seriously moving with a public response. People make snap decisions when they’re jilted like this. I’ve taken to not loading any settings on my phone because I’m just going to have to reset them later. This makes a person just wanna give up and take their phone back to the store. All the other little things people will forgive but stuff like this is kind of a deal breaker. I really hope it gets fixed or at least gets answers in the next 26 days….if not, I don’t know about everyone else, but mine’s probably going back to the store. I justify the price because I can get my music on it and use it as a player. If that can’t happen, I just can’t justify the price.

        Great little site by the way.

  8. phone-home says

    The feature works, there is just poor documentation and you must use a microsd card that works. Here is one that I guarantee will work Patriot Signature 16GB Micro SDHC Class 4 Flash Card Model PSF16GMCSDHC43P. Runs at over class 4 speeds and is fully compatible with the focus.

    Power off phone, insert microsd card, power on phone, go to settings, system–> about. scroll down and you will see an option to “reset phone” NOTE that this will erase all your settings, data, and apps as it will bond the card to its internal storage as one drive.

    After it resets it will automatically configure the card. you can confirm this by going to settings–>system–> about, and the additional drive will become part of the total drive size.

  9. Ricardo says

    After i pressed the 3 button on my screen it said Download mode it takes about 10 mins. And do not turn off. ITs been more than 10 mins now more like 30 mins it has been what do i do keep waiting to see if something if anything happens or do i just turn it off?

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