Treo 680 To Compete With Motorola Q

It appears as if Palm is preparing to launch the Treo 680, a new low cost Treo expected to be a direct competitor with the Motorola Q.

Treo 680

Images of the new Treo were leaked through Palmgear which is Palm’s official software store. The new Treo 680 smartphone will run the Palm OS, but details regarding the specifications have yet to be announced. The Treo 680 is a GSM phone and will be available initially through Cingular Wireless. It is being speculated the new Treo will retail for $199 after rebates. As we reported, Motorola is preparing to launch a GSM version of the Motorola Q and could be released by the end of this year. Although the Motorola Q is regularly compared to the Treo family of smartphones, the new Treo 680 is the first Treo branded smartphone priced similarly to the Motorola Q. Slightly thinner than previous Treo smartphones, the new Treo 680 will still be significantly thicker than the Motorola Q.

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