ZTE Windows Phone 8 devices have a second quarter of 2013 expected release


Although ZTE is busy bringing the ZTE Tania to the US and pushing phones through the FCC, it was clearly missing from the initial manufacturer list for Windows Phone 8 devices. Well, it turns out ZTE was missing from that list because their Windows Phone 8 devices are not launching until the second quarter of 2013. The information comes from a news article at China-based … [Read more...]

ZTE N859 Windows Phone 7.5 Device Makes An Appearance Through FCC


In a¬†surprising¬†appearance through the FCC, a ZTE device under model number N859 with Windows Phone 7.5 on board may just release before Windows Phone 8 devices later this year. Either that, or ZTE is oddly passing this device through certification to release it as soon as possible, and will just update it with Windows Phone 7.8/8 later on in the year. Apart from the fact … [Read more...]

ZTE Tania Coming To The United States By The End Of 2012


The ZTE Tania is already available in the United Kingdom and China, and now ZTE's head of North American business, Lixin Cheng, confirms it will come to the United States. Cheng confirms the ZTE Tania will arrive in the United States before the end of 2012. Considering the rumored ZTE Acer W11 will launch in October 2012, we assume the Tania will make a U.S. arrival sometime … [Read more...]

ZTE Tania Now Available Through China Unicom


ZTE is third up to offer a Windows Phone in China after the quick race to first between HTC and Nokia. The ZTE Tania is now available through China Unicom, although no price has been given. If you live in China you may have to go out and discover the price in a store where the Tania is available. For the China Unicom version, the ZTE Tania has a processor upgrade from 1 GHz … [Read more...]

ZTE Orbit Supports OEM Enabled NFC

ZTE stated the newly announced ZTE Orbit includes NFC support at MWC 2012. Many were led to immediately believe this NFC support was part of Windows Phone Tango. That's not the case, as Microsoft has elaborated. Company representatives at Mobile World Congress even personally confirmed that handset did come with NFC support built-in and would be available based on … [Read more...]