Draw Something and Words with Friends will definitely be 60 day exclusive to Nokia Lumia Windows Phones


According to WPCentral, they have apparently received confirmation that Draw Something and Words with Friends will be exclusive to Nokia Lumia Windows Phones for exactly 60 days. We previously mentioned a Nokia Conversations blog that set the exclusivity to "a couple of months", and with this information the exclusivity will literally be a couple of months - at 60 days. The … [Read more...]

Zynga ‘With Friends’ Social Gaming Network Coming To Windows Phone


Sure, Zynga recently announced that Draw Something and Words with Friends are coming to Windows Phone, but there is one more thing they had to announce. That one more thing from Zynga is the "With Friends" social gaming network, integrated into all of Zynga's games and applications. Zynga announced the social network at their recent Zynga Unleashed event, details below. The … [Read more...]

Words With Friends And Draw Something On Windows Phone Will Be Nokia Lumia Exclusive ‘For A Couple Of Months’


Only "for a couple of months after launch," both Zynga games - Words With Friends and Draw Something - will also be Nokia Lumia exclusive. As a Nokia Conversations post reveals, the two games will first be available this Autumn 2012 exclusively to Lumia Windows Phones. After a couple of months, which we will take literally for now as exactly two months, both games will then be … [Read more...]

100,000+ Applications Available, More Official Apps And Games Coming Soon To Windows Phone


During all the great announcements and features revealed at the Windows Phone Developer Summit, Microsoft also celebrated some marketplace milestones. The Windows Phone marketplace has now grown to 100,000+ applications. On average, more than 200 titles become available each day on the Windows Phone marketplace. This milestone actually surpasses the application growth rate … [Read more...]