Must Have Games Program Kicks Off – Hydro Thunder Go Now Available


The six weeks of "Must Have Games" program has kicked off with the release of Hydro Thunder GO for Windows Phone. Hydro Thunder GO is now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace for $4.99. The game is published by Microsoft Game Studios and being an Xbox LIVE game it has a trial download available if you want to check it out before buying. It runs at a size of 119.75 MB and … [Read more...]

7392 Update Now Rolling Out To More Windows Phones On Sprint, Orange & T-Mobile

Microsoft has posted their usual update on updates over at the Windows Phone Blog. Eric Hautala, GM of Customer Experience Engineering, has provided the usual information on what phones should be receiving the 7392 update now, and who is still waiting. The 7392 update a security update that began rolling out shortly after the release of NoDo to fix certificates being used to … [Read more...]

Unannounced Mango Features Flood In After Developer Tools Release


After the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta was released yesterday, we expected nothing less than for both developers and aficionados alike to get their hands on the emulator and find unannounced features. Yes, first of all the developer tools beta does state it is Windows Phone 7.1, but that's only temporary, Windows Phone 7.5 is the codenamed Mango update coming later … [Read more...]

Dell Isn’t Ready To Go For Mango According To Microsoft


If you you watched the May 24th keynote, you didn't miss the list of manufacturers set for Windows Phone, as of now. Those manufacturers include Samsung, LG, HTC, Acer, Fujitsu, Nokia, and ZTE. You would have also noticed that considering the Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone exists, Dell is missing. At first we wondered what was going on with Dell and Microsoft that it seemed Dell … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Marketplace Expansion Coming With Mango Update

Microsoft has detailed their expansion plans, as far as the Windows Phone Marketplace is concerned, over at the Windows Phone Developer Blog. We already know the Beta Windows Phone Developer Tools for Mango were released today for developers only. Within the same post submitted by Matt Bencke, General Manager of Windows Phone Developer and Marketplace Experiences, he reveals … [Read more...]