Having trouble with Marketplace?

There is a problem affecting users looking to access the Windows Phone Marketplace. The good news is that Microsoft is aware of the issue and they have their team of engineers working on a resolution. We'll update this post and our Twitter account when it's been fixed. What's that you say? You are not following @everythingwm on Twitter? Follow us for regular updates on news and … [Read more...]

Marketplace Analysis Shows Games Rule The Roost

Screen shot 2011-03-18 at 9.48.25 AM

Distro have released one of their many reports looking at the health of various mobile app stores, and while they focus on iOS primarily, there are some interesting facts to be gathered with regards to the WP7 Marketplace. If you look at highly ranked free applications, games take up four of the top 10 slots, the largest category — plus XBox Live Extras, which isn't a game … [Read more...]

Marketplace Passes The 10,000 App Mark

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Windows Phone 7 has just passed a major milestone, clocking in at an astonishing 10,000 apps since launching in October of last year. This makes it the fastest growing app store of any smartphone platform, currently clocking in at some 600 apps per week. Let me say that again, 600 apps per week! By comparison, it took Android 11 months and Apple 142 days to reach these same … [Read more...]

Xbox Live Extras Coming To Windows Phone Marketplace


New updates are coming in the form of Xbox LIVE Extras to Windows Phone Marketplace this week. They include the following: New countries, new languages! Xbox LIVE Extras available in new languages including French, Italian, German, and Spanish. This also means that Xbox LIVE Extras will now be available in all the official countries where Windows Phone and Xbox LIVE … [Read more...]

Check Out Some Of The First Marketplace Apps


This is the first shot we've seen of apps on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, and a couple of things jump out: there's a wide selection of board games, a New York Times app (I think that's what the T is for), Yelp, Stocks, and a YouTube add-on for the MusicHub. Even though the phones won't support Flash or HTML5 to begin with, you can at least watch videos of a cat on a … [Read more...]