Top 3 Photo Editors for Windows Phone


My most recent phone was the iPhone 4S and switching to a different mobile OS obviously leads to a  few things (apps) missing. One app that I really miss right now is Instagram for iOS. I really enjoyed the simplicity, ease of use and great photo filters that made the app incredibly popular. I've found three apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace and I'm going to give you a … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Marketplace Surpasses 40,000 Apps

Windows Phone Marketplace continues to pick up steam, with the catalog now offering more than 40,000 applications. With a new portfolio of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango handsets released in the past few weeks and the Nokia phones coming to the US in 2012, the platform is poised to move from it's current position in the marketplace. One thing is certain, developers are committed to … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Marketplace Finally Gets A Web Interface

Screen Shot 2011-09-27 at 4.37.57 PM

After far too long of a wait, Microsoft has finally introduced a proper web interface for Windows Phone Marketplace. You can search for apps that you like, and once you find one you're keen on, it'll email a link to your live account, allowing you to grab it on your phone. For now, it appears that this version is Mango only, and if your phone is on an older edition of WP7  you … [Read more...]

Developer Provides In-Depth Windows Phone Marketplace Analysis

Silverlight developer Justin Angel utilized the Windows Phone 7 markeplace API's to download all Windows Phone 7 XAP's. This sounds incredibly technical, but it allowed Angel to gather some interesting statistics about the Marketplace. Here are just a few snippets, but I'd suggest reading his article in it's entirely. With Mango, the XAP's will be encrypted, so this sort of … [Read more...]

New Windows Phone Marketplace Rules Address Bulk Submissions

The Windows Phone Marketplace has become victim to publishers, who despite falling within the rules, are guilty of spamming flooding the Marketplace with lower quality apps. When doing submissions of 100 apps in a day, they were effectively owning the "new" section of the Marketplace. This is obviously popular with end users who are simply looking to find out what's new. … [Read more...]