Nokia To Remain Independent And Bring Unique Experience To Windows Phone Devices


At a recent event held in China, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, ruled out the possibility of Microsoft acquiring Nokia. He immediately ruled out such possibility after Google acquired Motorola, and speculators said the same would happen with Microsoft and Nokia. Such is not the case, for now. Elop continued on detailing exactly what Nokia coming to the Windows Phone means for … [Read more...]

Close To 1000 WebOS Developers Moving To Windows Phone


With the recent HP withdrawal of tablets and phones, developers for the WebOS platform are quickly accepting Windows Phone as an option.  Over the weekend, Brandon Watson, Senior Director of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 development, offered WebOS developers free tools and training for Windows Phone devices.  To be specific, Watson reached out to WebOS developers after HP … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Mango Released to Manufacturing

The next major milestone in the release of Windows Phone Mango is official according to the Windows Phone Blog. Microsoft has signed off on Windows Phone Mango, moving it to the released to manufacturing stage. For current users, the update unfortunately will not be available until this fall. This should pave the way for manufacturers to ramp up production for the second … [Read more...]

Samsung Focus REV 1.4 Updates Now Available Again

Samsung Focus Rev 1.3

As mentioned previously, the Samsung Focus updates for revision 1.4 devices are now available again and being rolled out. Microsoft was real serious about expediting scheduling for those updates. Eric Hautala, over at the Windows Phone Blog, brings us the update roll out announcement. Hautala directs users to connect their 1.4 devices to their PC to receive the updates, it … [Read more...]

Samsung Focus Updates Now Tested, Microsoft Expediting Scheduling

Samsung Focus Rev 1.3

Finally, the Samsung Focus updates have completed testing! Even though (supposedly) only revision 1.4 devices were affected by the update problems earlier this year, since then all Focus updates have been halted. Eric Hautala over at the Windows Phone Blog provided us with the usual update on updates today. He brings us the great news that the updates have finally concluded … [Read more...]