With ChevronWP7 Gone, Homebrew Will Remain

The ChevronWP7 team has been in a locked room with the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 guys for a couple of days, and they've just made a blog post about it. While under NDA for much of what they've discussed, the hacker team sounds happy with the progress made, and while Chevron won't work after the next OS update, they're working on a compromise that will allow some degree of … [Read more...]

ChevronWP7 Will Not Work On Next Version Of Windows Phone 7

Screen shot 2011-01-19 at 10.10.35 AM

ChevronWP7 developer Chris Walsh, who is currently having a nice fireside chat with Microsoft about jailbreaking and app development, as confirmed that ChevronWP7 will not work on the next update for WP7. The minor update, known as NoDo is rumored to bring copy and paste as well as minor other bug fixes — including the death of Chevron. Over Twitter, Walsh retweeted what a … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Update Will Kill ChevronWP7

ChevronWp7 — the software exploit that allows unlocking of WP7 — will no longer work with the next version of Windows Phone 7. As confirmed in a blog post, the developers are still talking with Microsoft about homebrew, but the loophole that allows Chevron to function will be closed: Although this has been subtly communicated before, we’d like to reiterate Microsoft has … [Read more...]

Check Out The Speed Boost of WP7.1

One of the advantages that we're expecting out of the minor update for Windows Phone 7 later this month is a speed boost for loading games. Anandtech have put up a video showing just how good it will be — and this isn't an idealized situation where Microsoft can show off the largest improvement. This is in the grimy halls of CES, and there's a major improvement. They see a drop … [Read more...]

Mozart And Omnia To Go CDMA, WP7.1 To Come In Next 60 Days

MobilityDigest have done a good thing, and at CES have gotten some incredibly good info about the future of WP7. Here are a few tidbits, hit up the link for everything in detail: The Windows Phone 7 update won't be coming this month, but rather within 30-60 days. It'll bring updated Marketplace search, copy and paste, CDMA support. HTC Mozart and Samsung Omnia will both … [Read more...]