Verizon Testing HTC TouchPro2 Sense 2.5, Release Coming Soon

According to a Verizon employee, the company is currently testing a new version of Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM for the HTC TouchPro2. The new ROM reportedly includes an TouchPro2 version of Sense 2.5. Before you get your hopes up, there won't be any versions of this ROM floating around. As one would suspect, the Verizon employee testing this ROM "likes his job too much to … [Read more...]

Windows Mobile 6.5 To Be Rebranded as Windows Phone Starter Edition

With Microsoft gearing up for the release of Windows Phone 7 series, many have wondered what's going to happen with Windows Mobile 6.5. Apparently, it will now be rebranded as Windows Phone Starter Edition. We're not sure what makes it a "starter" phone and in fact it'll likely appeal to enthusiasts more than new smartphone owners. Things would be too easy if there were … [Read more...]

Facebook for Windows Mobile 1.2 Update Now Available

An update to Facebook for Windows Mobile is now available in Marketplace for Mobile. Version 1.2 offers a variety of features including: Updating your status Send and receive messages Manage and view pictures and video Ability to 'Like' Posts It's free, it's Facebook, so go grab it in the Marketplace for Mobile and let us know what you think. via¬†WMExperts … [Read more...]

Windows Series 7 Interface, Mystery Phone Leak

Less than an hour away from Microsoft's event at MWC, but it images are coming out from a banner that show the interface for Windows Mobile 7 and a possible new device. The interface shows boxes displaying missed calls, texts and emails. There is also what appears to be Facebook integration in the top right of the interface. The new Windows Series 7 devices appear to have some … [Read more...]

Slacker Radio Ripped from HTC HD2, Available for Download


If you are looking for an alternative to Pandora, the good folks at XDA Developers via PPCGeeks have a download of Slacker Radio available. The application does not require a subscription, but you are limited to "6 skips" per hour. Those looking for some quality streaming music should give Slacker a try. Let us know how it works out for you. [FuzeMobilty via WMPowerUser] … [Read more...]