Microsoft Teams Up With Barnes & Noble On New eBooks Initiative

Nook Windows 8

Announced today, Microsoft will be investing $300 million into a new partnership with Barnes and Noble. The two will form a new subsidiary of Barnes and Noble, that will include all of the Nook business along with the educational college business. The current Nook runs Android and has in itself become a bit of an underground fan favorite among hackers who have found it … [Read more...]

NVIDIA Is Ready For Growth Opportunity With Windows 8 And Windows Phone

In a recent detail by NVIDIA on their Tegra mobile device strategy, the future of Windows 8, Windows ARM and Windows Phone was specifically mentioned. Instead of translating what they said in their strategy statement we have the full quote for you below. "The Windows 8, Windows on ARM, coming out toward the end of next year, or the year thereafter, is going to be a growth … [Read more...]

New Shots Of Windows 8 Show Off Its Windows Phone 7 Roots


Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott have been putting together a series of posts previewing Windows 8, and the new shots show off just how much Microsoft is looking to Windows Phone 7 for inspiration. There's the PDF reader, IE Immersive, Ribbon, and the new welcome screen. To my eyes, IE Immersive and the welcome screen have the strongest link to WP7, in terms of font and layout. … [Read more...]

Windows 8 To Crib Design Notes From WP7?


Russian site has a number of screenshots from what they claim is Windows 8, and the new OS looks extremely influenced by Metro UI. The typeface, look and feel of the leak is definitely reminiscent of its mobile little cousin. At the same time as these shots have come out (and shown that familiar font), rumors about Windows 8 claim that there will be a tile based … [Read more...]