Video: Windows Phone 7 Fart App Roundup & Review

We interrupt our normally high brow coverage of Windows Phone for this roundup. Like it or not, fart applications have become the fabric of any credible App Store or in this case Marketplace. In Apple's App Store, iFart sold 38,927 copies of their room clearing app in one day. People buy these apps. We figured we'd do our civic duty and provide our readers with a roundup of … [Read more...]

Quick Guide: How to create a transparent lockscreen

Transparent homescreen image

Thanks to the great work done by dannahan in our Windows Phone forums, we bring you the transparent lockscreen tutorial. Create an image with a transparent background in the image editor of your choice. Save it with transparency as a .PNG file. Email that file to the account you have on your Windows Phone. Open the email, tap the ellipses (...) and select "Use … [Read more...]

Video: Installing a microSD in Samsung Focus

Samsung Focus microSD install

Despite all the warnings, we know that many of you are likely going to upgrade the memory on your Samsung Focus. Here's a brief video that outlines the steps to upgrading the storage memory by installing a microSD card. The card used in this particular video was a SanDisk 32GB bulk-packaging microSD that was priced at roughly $90 with tax, shipping at Amazon. Note: It's … [Read more...]

Samsung Focus Unboxing

Samsung Focus Unboxing Video

Did you pick up your Samsung Focus today? Looks like Amazon is sold out and quantities are limited at AT&T stores. We were able to score the new Samsung Focus. The ceremonial unboxing follows complete with size comparisons to the iPhone 4, Nexus One and the Palm Pre Plus. Have questions or want to share your experiences with the Focus? Fire away in our Samsung … [Read more...]

HTC HD7 Gets Sold, Unboxed Early

Officially, the HTC HD7 from T-Mobile doesn't go on sale until Monday. It appears one retailer jumped the gun, selling the still unreleased HTC HD7 to the lucky dogs at Windows Phone Nation. They proceeded to provide us with an unboxing video a full three days before the release. via WMPU … [Read more...]