Deal: Unlocked Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone $267.97


As if all the other great deals we posted about weren't enough, now has the Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone Unlocked listed at a low price of $267.97. We have seen prices fluctuate a little in the past, so if you are looking to get your hands on this deal get it fast, it may just go back up again in price before pull the trigger on it. … [Read more...]

Dell Venue Pro Only Has 256MB Of RAM


The Dell Venue Pro has been a source of some contention with regards to how much RAM that nifty looking device actually packs. Dell hasn't officially said, and WP7 doesn't have the native ability to display how much memory there is. However, using an app called  "Device Info" you can plumb into the depths of your phone, and PocketNow has found the rather saddening truth: the … [Read more...]

Dell Venue Pro Headed For AT&T


The trouble prone Dell Venue Pro is currently only available on T-Mobile, assuming you can even get hold of the device, which has been beset by problems and delays. Lucky for those lusting over the admittedly sexy device but on the wrong network, it appears the Venue Pro will be hitting AT&T in the near future. The FCC has just certified a variant of the model that will be … [Read more...]

Some Venue Pros Set To Ship, With Freebie Headset As Apologies

News of the Dell Venue Pro's delayed shipping has understandably frustrated many, but it sounds like they may be on the way soon. According to Dell themselves, the shipping will start tomorrow: Dell is planning more deliveries to customers beginning Friday, and throughout next week, so we expect all back orders to be delivered shortly. In an effort to make amends, Dell is … [Read more...]

Dell Venue Pro Delayed Until January


Ouch. Yet again, the Dell Venue Pro — arguably the most sexy of the WP7 handsets — has been pushed back. According to Mobility Digest, if you go and check the ship date of your pre-order for the handset, no longer will it say December 15, but instead now it's been pushed back to the first week of January — so you won't get it in time for Christmas. So much for shipping on … [Read more...]