Microsoft Recommends Against Directly Loading Media On WP7

Yesterday we heard of a registry hack that would allow you to add media directly to your WP7 device, dragging and dropping rather than relying on Zune to sync all your files across. It turns out that this might not be the best idea in the world. Paul Thurrott, write of Windows Phone Secrets and generally chummy guy with Microsoft has put up a blog post asking people not to … [Read more...]

Registry Hack Allows Drag and Drop Media Loading on Windows Phone 7

WP7 registry hack

If the Zune software isn't your thing, then perhaps you'll want to partake in the registry hack created by Mobile Tech World. It essentially allows you to drag and drop media files to your Windows Phone 7 device as if it were a USB device. Full directions available over at Mobile Tech World. via Engadget … [Read more...]