Updates For Nokia’s Music, Maps, Transport, And Drive Applications Coming Soon


  Four of Nokia's best applications for the Windows Phone are due for some major updates once again, and coming soon. First up, the Nokia Music application will go up to 3.0 version. This version will bring enhancements and features, but for now of special highlight is a feature that will allow users to recommend songs to others (with no sign up or log in … [Read more...]

Nokia Drive Goes 2.0, Nokia Reading And Nokia Transport Applications Officially Announced


We first mentioned the Nokia Transport application back in CES 2012. Now, Nokia Drive has received a 2.0 update, Nokia Transport has officially been announced along with Nokia Reading, both releasing soon for Nokia Windows Phones. The Nokia Drive update and both application announcements were made during the Nokia conference at MWC 2012. Nokia will release both Reading and … [Read more...]

Nokia Shows Off Exclusive Windows Phone Applications At CES 2012


The Nokia booth has been very busy in the past few days of CES 2012. After announcing new devices like the already available (in the United States) Lumia 710 and the coming Lumia 900, the Nokia booth is buzzing with excitement, previews and hands on goodness. The folks over at The Nokia Blog got some video of the Nokia City Lens Beta application and the Nokia Transport … [Read more...]