Self-proclaimed expert gives tips on the Windows Phone Final Fantasy game


It is one thing to be a hardcore gamer, it is another thing to work in the video game industry, and it is yet another to be a fan of a video game franchise. Andy Myers, a member of the Windows Phone team over at the Windows Phone Blog, is actually a self-proclaimed (and deserving of the title) expert on Final Fantasy. Myers' dedication and love for the Final Fantasy … [Read more...]

Settings To Take Better Low-light Pictures On Your Nokia Lumia 900

Manual Settings

A purchase-deterring situation for many interested in the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone is that it does not take low-light pictures as well as expected. Originally posted by My Windows Phone Story, there is a quick guide on settings to use when taking pictures in different low-light situations on your Lumia 900. For low-light photos: Change the 'ISO' settings from 'Auto' … [Read more...]

Nokia With 10 More Things Your Lumia Windows Phone Can Do


A follow up to the original 10 things your Lumia Windows Phone can do, Nokia offers 10 more things you can do with your Lumia Windows Phone. Most of these "things you can do" are tips, tricks, and/or exclusive features available only on Nokia Lumia Windows Phones. With that said, you can find the full list from Nokia right below. 1. Easily input .net, or .org into a URL … [Read more...]

How To Enable EDGE On The Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone

Yes, the Nokia Lumia 900 is the first 4G LTE Windows Phone available anywhere, but many will soon realize that faster data speeds do bring consequences. How to deal with these consequences when relying on 4G LTE connectivity? Read on and find out. Specifically, 4G LTE data means you will use your phone longer and your battery will drain much quicker than ever before. Slower … [Read more...]

How To Enable AT&T Visual Voicemail On Your Windows Phone

The Windows Phone Mango update introduced visual voicemail, however, many are left dumbfounded upon reception of the update or even their new 4G LTE Windows Phone. The reason you have yet to see visual voicemail on an AT&T Windows Phone is because someone decided it was a genius idea to apparently tie the feature to your AT&T data plan. However, as usual the Internet … [Read more...]