Homebrew App Lets LG, Samsung Users Change Accents


We recently covered the advent of hacks that let you change your accent colors for HTC (now available in app form), and the capability is rapidly spreading. Samsung and LG users get their chance, courtesy of Dave Ameanta — and his app supports HTC users too. The app simply lets you edit the name and color value for all 10 of the installed accent colors. Simply edit the color, … [Read more...]

Registry Tweak Allows New Color Themes


Over at the ever intriguing XDA forums, user xboxmod has figured out a way to edit the registries on HTC WP7 phones, which have allowed a number of hacks and tweaks. It allows you to send custom XML files to the phone, and all sorts of wonderful things are now possible. This has lead to a number of cool tweaks, the very least of which is the ability to change the colors of … [Read more...]