Rumor: Windows Phone Tango Update To Bring Unique Changes To Nokia Lumia Devices

White Nokia Lumia 900

Rumors are continuing to build up as the expected release of the Windows Phone Tango update approaches. This time, the following rumors are the latest stirring up on the Internet: The Marketplace on Lumia devices will be renamed (with a corresponding logo) to "Nokia Marketplace" Further improvements to battery life Nokia will release an application that will allow … [Read more...]

Rumor: First Days Of June 2012 Will See A Unified Carrier Release Of Windows Phone 7.5 Tango


Mi Móvil Windows claims from their "fountain of reliable information" that Windows Phone 7.5 Tango/Refresh will release in the first days of June 2012. The website even goes so far to say that this release date window is definite, but we will take it as a rumor until anything official releases. The folks at Mi Móvil Windows go on to mention that Microsoft has moved the … [Read more...]

AT&T Explains Why Updates Are Missing Since Mango – Working On Update With Much More


According to a post by jamileh over on the AT&T forums, AT&T hasn't pushed any Windows Phone updates since Mango for a reason. That reason is the fact that apparently AT&T is working on a bigger update which will include the important 8107 update and more. Here post reads the following: Hey all - I know you're eagerly awaiting news about this. AT&T plans for … [Read more...]

New Samsung GT-S7350 Windows Phone Shows Up On


A new Samsung device has recently passed certification on, the qualified details only provide models and numbers specific to Samsung, but it does reveal the now known design model number. The design model number reads GT-S7350 and is what many believe to be a future Samsung Windows Phone.   Since its appearance on the Bluetooth certification website, … [Read more...]

Rumor: Samsung Releasing Another Windows Phone This Summer Besides ‘Mandel’


Yet another report from WPDang has the website claiming from multiple sources that Samsung is releasing another Windows Phone Tango device this summer, besides the Samsung "Mandel." The supposed device to release alongside the Samsung Mandel, is codenamed "Minuet." There is not much information on a more precise release date or more specifications about it, according to … [Read more...]