New Windows Phone 7 Update In The Works To Fix Security Holes?

The vast majority of users are still waiting for their NoDo launch, and it looks like Microsoft's already working on another minor upgrade, this time fixing some security holes. Microsoft recently issued a security advisory for fraudulent security certificates for a number of popular sites, including Google, GMail, Skype, and Yahoo. The certificates have since been stripped, … [Read more...]

1Password Comes To Windows Phone 7


1Password is the gold standard when it comes to wallet apps, safely and securely keeping your passwords, account numbers, credit cards, and any other details you want locked tight in a digital vault. It's available on Mac, PC, iOS, and now Windows Phone 7. The whole shebang syncs over DropBox, allowing you to keep all your details linked over multiple computers. The best part … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Marketplace DRM Cracked

WPCentral has been given a proof of concept which shows them breaking through WP7 Marketplace's DRM. The weakness has apparently been known to developers for some time, and WPCentral has given the information to Microsoft, and are working to patch the hole. The program can: ...successfully pull any application from the Marketplace, remove the security and deploy to an … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Security Means Hacked HTC HD2 Is Neutered

We've previously talked about a hack that would put WP7 onto an existing HTC HD2, but unfortunately there's a major roadblock to getting it working properly: Microsoft's PVK security. The people putting together the hack have the OS all up and loaded onto the older handset, and it works fine — with one big exception: nothing cloud based will function. As hacker Cotulla put it … [Read more...]

Microsoft Security Will Block Custom ROMs, Slowdown Hackers By About 5 Minutes


WPCentral has a very good write-up of a major security system on WP7: PVK. PVK are the private keys that Microsoft uses to authenticate the operating system, and are apparently tied to the hardware, and have to be pulled from the motherboard. If they're not there or broken, then certain fundamental aspects of the phone work properly — basically anything that uses the internet: … [Read more...]