Microsoft Promises More Windows 7 Phones In Next Few Weeks

Throughout both Europe and America, the supply of WP7 handsets has been scarce, and many stores only got a handful of even the most popular devices. ZDNet talked to Microsoft about getting more phones out, and here's their response: “As is sometimes the case with the launch of a new product, initial supplies are tight. We understand some customers are disappointed to learn … [Read more...]

Were Only 40,000 WP7 Phones Sold On Day One?

The Street is reporting that 40,000 Windows Phone 7 devices were sold in the first day of sales, a surprisingly low number. By comparison, the original iPhone sold over 250,000 in its first weekend. I'm not quite buying this as a doom and gloom prediction. Firstly, The Street isn't saying where these numbers come from, citing only "a market research source who tracks phone … [Read more...]

Amazon Sells Out Of The Samsung Focus


According to our poll, the Samsung Focus is by orders of magnitude the most anticipated WP7 device, with almost half of our respondents saying that was their handset of choice. It appears you guys aren't the only ones who want the phone, as Amazon has completely sold out of the device. Time to go hit up your local AT&T store, see if they have any left in stock! [via … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Sales Strong In International Markets


Starting next Monday, we'll have a better idea of how Windows Phone 7 will be received here in the US. So, how's it doing thus far on the international front. According to Korean news outlet DigiTimes, sales of HTC Windows Phone 7 phones are "better than expected" in Europe and Australia. We had already heard that Orange was experiencing shortages, possibly due to AMOLED … [Read more...]

Microsoft Expects Sales of 30 Million Windows Phone 7 Devices By End of 2011


Despite a resurgence with the announcement of Windows Phone 7, some are claiming Microsoft doesn't have much of chance in the mobile space. Clearly, that's not the thinking in Redmond. In fact, it's quite the opposite as you'll see from the slide below. Based on IDC projections, Microsoft expects to there to be 30 million Windows Phone 7 devices sold by the end of 2011. For … [Read more...]