Ballmer Says 1.5M WP7 Phones Sold To Carriers

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo at USA Today — primarily about Kinect — Ballmer gave out a bit more about numbers for Windows Phone 7, but still didn't give quite the detail everyone is asking for: Q: But it seems like everyone is talking about smartphones. Tell me about the Windows Phone 7. How is it going? What are your expectations in an environment where you've got so … [Read more...]

Report: Games Rule in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Prices

Distimo is out with their monthly report on mobile app stores. Included with the report are the highest ranked paid applications and it's clear that games are currently ruling the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Games are priced higher than competitive platforms, but that hasn't slowed their sales. Flight Control for Windows Phone 7 was priced in the range of $2.99 - $3.97 … [Read more...]

More Than 1.5 Million WP7 Phones Sold

Microsoft has finally copped to the actual sale numbers of Windows Phone 7, and they're better than expected. An impressive 1.5 million devices have been sold to carrier and individuals in just the first six weeks: We are pleased that phone manufacturers sold over 1.5 million phones in the first six weeks, which helps build customer momentum and retail presence. By … [Read more...]

Microsoft Remains Cagey On Sales Numbers

At the LeWeb conference in Paris, Charlie Kindel, the general manager of the Windows Phone 7 developer ecosystem, was on stage talking Windows Phone 7, and was selling the device hard, talking up the XBox Live integration, and that 50,000 developers had signed up to build apps. However, there was one factoid he didn't seem to keen to talk about — how WP7 was selling. LeWeb … [Read more...]

Ubiquity of Facebook Gives Us Another Look At WP7 Sales

Everybody's on Facebook. Well, not quite everybody, but your grandparents are, and that's enough for you to know that gauging how many Facebook users are on WP7 gives you a pretty good idea of the overall number of people using the platform. WMPU have trawled the numbers for both the default Facebook integration, and the dedicated Facebook app, and the numbers aren't exactly … [Read more...]