Nokia WP7 Phones Already In The Works, To Get Special Edition Of The OS?

Nokia's Stephen Elop has confirmed that the first round of Nokia WP7 phones is already in the works, that they'll be available from 2012, and that Microsoft has no interest in buying the manufacturer. He said: "We're right now, today, having people work on the first Windows Phone devices from Nokia. That work is already under way. If this was an acquisition scenario, that … [Read more...]

Nokia To Push Out 20-30 Windows Phone 7 Handsets In 2012?

In an interview with DNA India, Nokia's Indian head D Shivakumar gave out some some interesting tidbits about the Nokia's WP7 phones. It appears that we won't be seeing any of the phones until "roughly 12 months from now." However, we believe that DNA India has changed the article significantly from when it first went to press. Early notes on the piece include the quote: Its … [Read more...]

Microsoft Forked Out $1B In Nokia Deal?


According to Bloomberg, Microsoft's payout to Nokia to get them into the Windows Phone 7 partnership was a rather substantial $1 billion, and then Nokia will pay MS for each copy of Windows Phone 7 they install on a phone. While $1 billion may sound like an immense sum, Nokia has essentially just given up half its business, killing a huge chunk of their software development and … [Read more...]

Shots Of Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 Handset Leak


Check out these two shots of a device that is claimed to be Sony Ericsson's entry into the wonderful world of Windows Phone 7. This prototype unit has a slide-out keyboard, which obviously WP7 doesn't really seem capable of handling right now due to not rotating when the keyboard is out. There is some discussion that this might be a defunct prototype from Sony and Microsoft … [Read more...]

Taiwanese Manufacturers Gearing Up For More WP7?

According to the occasionally reliable Digitimes, Taiwanese manufacturers are gearing up for even more Windows Phone 7 manufacturing, with the eye of picking up lucrative contracts from the likes of Nokia, who are rumored to be adding a number of Windows Phone handsets in 2012. There's also potentially lucrative markets where other smarthphones are not yet dominant: While most … [Read more...]