LG C900 To Be Called Pacific, E900 The Optimus 7?

The LG C900 and E900 have both been spotted in the wild, and we're slowly learning more about them, but a major problem remains: their name. C900 and E900 are both...inelegant. We're starting to hear rumors about what these will actually be called when they hit the marked. The E900 is currently being bandied about ast the Optimus 7, though I've not see hide nor hair of Optimus … [Read more...]

LG C900 Pegged For September 28 Release Date?

The Bluetooth SIG has a nasty habit of revealing details about phones before the manufacturers are ready to do so, and have just put out some info about the LC C900: This end product is called LG-C900N, LG-C900k, LG-C900B, which is a kind of 3G celluar phone. The supporting features related to BT of this models are like bellows; - RF : 2.1 + EDR - Profile : HSP, HFP, A2DP, … [Read more...]

Will There Be Native Twitter Support For Windows Phone 7?

Screen shot 2010-08-20 at 8.54.42 AM

Windows Phone 7 will have native Facebook support. This is a known thing. There will be Twitter apps — at the bare minimum Twikini and Seesmic. The question is: will Microsoft have native Twitter support in Windows Phone 7, so we can get short banalities delivered directly to our screen? The Unwired have uncovered something that hints Microsoft might be moving in that … [Read more...]

HTC Spark Specs, And Schubert Is Mozart


Twitter user XMoo has posted a flurry of leaks about upcoming HTC WM7 phones. The veracity of these is up for debate, but they're worth looking at. Firstly, he claims that this is the spec sheet for the HTC Spark, but, as WMPU points out the hardware buttons don't match the current requirements of a WP7 phone, and the internal memory is on the small side. He also … [Read more...]

Check Out The HTC Schubert

Italian website 247WindowsPhone managed to get hold of an HTC WP7 phone, the first really clear look we've been able to have. Dubbed the HTC Schubert, we don't really know much about it right now. The site that made this video is suggesting that the case is milled from a single block of aluminium, a method which creates a light weight shell, and leads to less waste during … [Read more...]