Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone Review


If you're anything like me, you're an Xbox Live fan and a WP7 user too. I use my Xbox for almost everything like streaming movies via Netflix, listening to music from Zune and keeping up with my friends both during and outside of gameplay. The fact that Xbox Live had integration with WP7 was awesome for me and scoring extra achievements was even better through games like Uno, … [Read more...]

HTC HD7S Review

HTC HD7S review

The first wave of AT&T Windows Phone devices launched back in November of 2011. What was missing in that group was a device with a large display, but that has changed with the launch of the HTC HD7S. Sporting a massive 4.3 inch 480x800 WVGA Super LCD display, the HTC HD7S certainly stands out from the crowd, but should it be your next Windows Phone? Read on for our complete … [Read more...]

Sprint HTC Arrive Review

Sprint HTC Arrive Review

The HTC Arrive, based off the HTC 7 Pro, is first Windows Phone 7 device from Sprint. It was released in March, but only recently did we get a chance to put it through the paces. Microsoft has a standard set of required specifications for all Windows Phones and the HTC Arrive is no different. It also ships with the latest version of Windows Phone, including the NoDo update that … [Read more...]

App Review: Big Oven for Windows Phone 7

Big Oven for Windows Phone 7

If you enjoy cooking or simply looking for ways to use leftovers, then look no further than BigOven for Windows Phone 7. It’s a free app that is available in the Marketplace. Read on for our review and we'll even throw in a tip for some tasty meatloaf. BigOven provides you with access to over 170,000 recipes, all from your Windows Phone 7 device. You easily search … [Read more...]