Photosynth Now Available On Windows Phone Marketplace – More Premier Applications Incoming


It's here, it's finally here! Microsoft's very own panorama application has finally made it to the Windows Phone marketplace. Looks like the discovery earlier this month of some test images was indeed legitimate. Michael Stroh made the official announcement over at the Windows Phone Blog, providing some history, information, and even some confirmation on future applications to … [Read more...]

Photosynth Windows Phone Version 1.0.0 Discovered – Release Expected Soon


A reader over at WPCentral has produced some great results with his detective work on the Photosynth application releasing for Windows Phone. Last we reported about Photosynth on the Windows Phone, Microsoft stated it was a top priority and only with the release of Windows Phone Mango would the proper APIs be available for such an application. That was over a year ago, Windows … [Read more...]

Photosynth On Windows Phone Releasing Alongside Mango

For those wondering why Photosynth still isn't available on Windows Phone, some information has shown up thanks to Photosynth is a photo application developed by Microsoft used to create 360 panoramas of any images captured on a mobile device. Released a few months back only on the Apple iPhone, users of Windows Phone have since … [Read more...]

Microsoft Releases Photosynth for iOS, Windows Phone 7 Verison Still MIA


Microsoft's new Photosynth app is all kinds of awesome. It allows you to create an amazing 360 degree panorama using shots taken from your camera, if your camera is on an iOS device. It's hard to argue with the large iOS audience, but we're just a tad bit surprised that Microsoft chose not to do a joint release with WP7. It's not clear when the WP7 app will be made … [Read more...]