Windows Phone 8 To Include ‘Most Complete Wallet Experience’

Windows Phone 8 wallet

Microsoft today announced that in Windows Phone 8, they will offer NFC support and what they are calling "the most complete wallet experience". Using Fast Cards, you can access credit & debit cards, loyalty & membership cards, access saved deals and support for NFC 'Tap to Pay'. Every Windows Phone 8 device that ships will include the wallet hub, integrating third party … [Read more...]

Nokia Hopes To Ship Lumia 610 NFC Worldwide To All Carriers


Although the initial announcement of the Nokia Lumia 610 NFC stated that Orange would first introduce the device in Europe, now Nokia has revealed hopes to ship the NFC device to operators worldwide. Looks like the Lumia 610 NFC was never going to remain Europe-only after all. “We wanted to promote the NFC ecosystem, and we believe the Lumia 610 would be a success because it’s … [Read more...]

Nokia Launches New NFC Headset Alongside Lumia 610 NFC Announcement


As if the Nokia Lumia 610 NFC announcement was going to be Nokia's one and only announcement today at WIMA 2012, the Nokia BH-310 NFC headset was also launched today. The BF-310 NFC Bluetooth headset is designed with the frequent car traveler in mind. The headset boasts fast charging times, long standby time, and a complete in car calling set. As you can see in the image … [Read more...]

Orange To Bring First NFC Nokia Lumia 610 To Europe


At the WIMA 2012 event today, Nokia announced that mobile operator Orange will be the first to carry the NFC Nokia Lumia 610 in Europe. Nokia chose the Lumia 610 for it's lower price, therefore larger audience, to bring NFC and Windows Phone together. About the new NFC Nokia Lumia 610: Can pair with NFC accessories and read NFC tags with a single tap Has the necessary … [Read more...]

ZTE Orbit Supports OEM Enabled NFC

ZTE stated the newly announced ZTE Orbit includes NFC support at MWC 2012. Many were led to immediately believe this NFC support was part of Windows Phone Tango. That's not the case, as Microsoft has elaborated. Company representatives at Mobile World Congress even personally confirmed that handset did come with NFC support built-in and would be available based on … [Read more...]