Verzion Prepping Motorola A4500, Napoleon Lives!

For some reason it's lost the Q moniker, but the Motorola A4500 appears to be rebranded Moto Q9N or Napolean that was rumored for release late last year.  Many speculated it was the end for the Moto Q line of phones and the company had apparently moved on to Android. Not so fast. The Motorola A4500 passed through the FCC approval process and should find it's way into Verizon … [Read more...]

Moto Q9n Napolean Not Coming To Verizon

Those of you hoping the Moto Q9n "Napolean" would makes it's way to Verizon, might have been encouraged by reports of the Moto Q 9n "in the wild". Unfortunately, the Moto Q9n is not coming to Verizon. Verizon decided against picking up the Q9n for commercial release, but it did sell the Q9n to the government. The units seen "in the wild" are simply units from this deal that are … [Read more...]