ZTE Orbit Supports OEM Enabled NFC

ZTE stated the newly announced ZTE Orbit includes NFC support at MWC 2012. Many were led to immediately believe this NFC support was part of Windows Phone Tango. That's not the case, as Microsoft has elaborated. Company representatives at Mobile World Congress even personally confirmed that handset did come with NFC support built-in and would be available based on … [Read more...]

ZTE Orbit Expands Windows Phone Portfolio


ZTE is another company that hasn't shown up much (yet) in the Windows Phone scene. Now, they are adding the ZTE Orbit to their Windows Phone portfolio, originally only consisting of the ZTE Tania. The ZTE Orbit was announced at MWC 2012 and sports a 5 MP auto focus camera with LED flash, 4 GB of internal memory, 1 GHz CPU, 4" 800x480 WVGA display, HD voice, all on the Windows … [Read more...]

Nokia Drive Goes 2.0, Nokia Reading And Nokia Transport Applications Officially Announced


We first mentioned the Nokia Transport application back in CES 2012. Now, Nokia Drive has received a 2.0 update, Nokia Transport has officially been announced along with Nokia Reading, both releasing soon for Nokia Windows Phones. The Nokia Drive update and both application announcements were made during the Nokia conference at MWC 2012. Nokia will release both Reading and … [Read more...]

No Windows Phone Announcement From LG At MWC 2012


Looks like that leaked LG Miracle¬†Windows Phone won't be making any headlines at MWC 2012. LG is focusing exclusively on Android devices at Mobile World Congress 2012, according to an interview with¬†AllThingsD. LG has decided to focus on Android devices for now after slower than expected sales of their Windows Phone devices. We admit, the LG Windows Phones haven't been the best … [Read more...]

ZTE To Unveil New Windows Phone Devices At MWC 2012


ZTE is keeping their promise of more handsets in 2012, with a press release stating the company will reveal eight new devices at MWC 2012 next week. While we can't be too excited about the possibility of eight new Windows Phones - The Android platform will be included among the eight devices - we remain faithful that ZTE will produce great results. ZTE states these eight new … [Read more...]