AT&T Wireless Stores Selling Moto Q9h Ahead of Official Release

Motorola and AT&T have yet to announce the official release date of the Moto Q 9h, but several reader reports indicate sales of the new Moto Q 9h have started at local AT&T Wireless Stores. Reports say the official release date will be November 1st, but some stores have begun selling the device. Since the announcement of the GSM based Vodafone Q9h, many have … [Read more...]

Motorola and Rogers Wireless Introduce Moto Q 9h

Motorola Canada today announced the launch of MOTO Q 9h exclusively with Rogers Wireless in Canada. This high-performance all-in-one device boasts a sleek new form factor that brings lightening-fast download and browsing speeds to smartphone users in Canada. The 3G-powered MOTO Q 9h operates on Rogers Wireless' High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) network, enabling on-the-go data … [Read more...]

Vodafone Italy To Carry Moto Q 9h

Vodafone Italy appears to be the first carrier to release the highly anticipated Moto Q 9h. Although not available for purchase, the Moto Q 9h appears on their site. The Moto Q 9h was announced at 3GSM, but to date had yet to be officially announced for any wireless providers. Based on GSM technology, many have speculated the Moto Q 9h will debut in the US on AT&T … [Read more...]