Microsoft Interns Getting Windows Phone 7 Devices Too

Microsoft isn't just giving all their employees WP7 phones, they're also extending them to the lowly interns, bearers of the grunt work for the mammoth company. Apparently, at an "intern talk", Ballmer was asked by one of the companies underlings if they would also be getting the freebie devices. "Recruiting doesn't have the budget, but I do. So, Yes!" Ballmer replied. While … [Read more...]

AT&T And Microsoft Get Chummy For Windows Phone 7

AT&T has confirmed their commitment to WP7, promising to give it their full backing. "We'll be the premier carrier for Windows Phone 7," said a spokesperson talking to PCWorld. "We haven't given guidance on timing." Rumors are currently putting AT&T's purchasing order for WP7 devices at a whopping eight million phones — obviously Ma Bell is dedicated to the new … [Read more...]

Kin Cost Microsoft $240 Million


One of the more interesting points of Microsoft's earning announcement yesterday was regarding the ill fated Kin. The now discontinued Kin line was a significant drain on the electronics giant. Writing off the project cost $240 million, without even taking into account development costs. That's right, a quarter of a billion dollars got sunk into that unfortunate experiment in … [Read more...]

Microsoft Stays Ahead Of Apple In Revenue, But Just Barely

With Apple just recently posting their best quarter on record, people immediately started to wonder if they would overtake Microsoft for that period. Today, Microsoft announced their quarterly details, and they've dodged an Apple shaped bullet, but not by much. Much like Apple, they had an excellent quarter, their best Q4 ever, pulling in $16.04 billion in revenue, beating … [Read more...]

Microsoft To Unveil New Logos at MGX? UPDATE: No new logos, but new tagline


Microsoft's yearly MGX (Microsoft Global Exchange) event will be taking place soon and a myterious (now pulled) YouTube video surfaced showcasing new branding for Windows and other major product lines including Windows Phone. The images are blurry and it's not clear if this move is imminent. The tagline for the new branding is "Be What's Next". UPDATE: Word from Microsoft … [Read more...]