Lenovo negotiating with Microsoft to join Windows Phone market with UI customization access


It is no surprise, to us at least, that Lenovo is now heavily interested in joining the Windows Phone world with the announcement of Windows Phone 8. Lenovo devices running the Windows Phone OS have previously been confirmed and leaked at different points in the past year or so. It seems Lenovo is finally unofficially showing that they do want to make Windows Phones however, … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 8 will expand App Hub and Marketplace to more than 180 countries


Recently announced at Microsoft's TechEd Europe event, the Windows Phone 8 update will also bring in the next generation of Marketplace and App Hub. This next generation of Marketplace and App Hub for the Windows Phone footprint will bring many new features, including the fact that it will all become available to more than 180 countries. As we announced last week, with Windows … [Read more...]

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Answers Some Questions About Future Windows Phones

Stephen Elop

At the recent 2012 Microsoft TechEd Orlando event, all attendees were given the opportunity to directly record some questions for Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, to answer through a later published video. That video is now available for all to watch online. Of interest to the future of Nokia Windows Phones, Elop answered plenty of questions. Such questions involved implementing … [Read more...]

Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7.8 Page – Hands On With Windows Phone 7.8 Start Screen Available


  In a quick post by Ben Rudolph over at the Windows Phone Blog, he provides a hands on video with the new Windows Phone 7.8 start screen (early build) and an announcement for the new windowsphone.com page. Rudolph snuck over into the engineering building at Microsoft and found a Nokia Lumia 900 with a very early build of Windows Phone 7.8 installed. Here is his … [Read more...]

Microsoft And Carriers Working To Implement ‘Store Within A Store’ In Germany


Microsoft is working with carriers to implement the whole store within a store system, similar to small Apple-designated areas already found in existing Best Buy stores. Apparently, this system from Microsoft is going to be implemented first in Germany, starting next month. The specific store within the larger store will have a dedicated Windows Phone wall, posters, specific … [Read more...]