Nokia Patents With Microsoft Will Heavily Compete With Apple And Android


In a recent BGR interview with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, much ground was covered on the future of the Nokia-Microsoft partnership. What this partnership will bring, along with a small preview of the new Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 devices, is what Elop brings to the table in this interview. Elop discusses how their already released Nokia devices are innovative to the Windows … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Sends Location Data Without Permission

Microsoft has been shown to be sending location information to their servers from your phone without bothering to ask permission, a move that's not only in opposition to their claims, but one that could end in a costly lawsuit. This information comes on the back of a lawsuit filed in Seattle that claims Microsoft was doing just that, which the tech giant denied. Hacker … [Read more...]

Nokia To Remain Independent And Bring Unique Experience To Windows Phone Devices


At a recent event held in China, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, ruled out the possibility of Microsoft acquiring Nokia. He immediately ruled out such possibility after Google acquired Motorola, and speculators said the same would happen with Microsoft and Nokia. Such is not the case, for now. Elop continued on detailing exactly what Nokia coming to the Windows Phone means for … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Charlie Kindel Leaving

Charlie Kindel

A key linchpin with Microsoft's Windows Phone team has been Charlie Kindel. In his 21 years with Microsoft, Kindel has been involved with numerous products. He has played a vital part in generating developer interest in Windows Phone 7. In less than one year, the Marketplace now boasts over 23,000 applications. The fall release of Mango is expected to see an even greater … [Read more...]

Microsoft and Nokia Windows Phone Party In August

Nokia Microsoft party

Nokia has scheduled a party in Cologne for August 17th, calling it a "Nokia and Microsoft Party" with the Windows Phone logo clearly at the bottom of the invite. One would think the two would use a larger stage for the announcement of the first Nokia Windows Phone, which now has been codenamed Sea Ray. This might however be some sort of advanced preview, offering us a further … [Read more...]