What to expect from the Nokia event this week and more information on the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 Windows Phones

The colors of the Lumia 920

Tomorrow is a big day for the Windows Phone world, that is if you have any interest in what Nokia will announce for their Windows Phone 7.8/8 devices. Microsoft will also be present at the event, remember they are partners for Windows Phone after all. However, Microsoft is simply expected to reveal more Windows Phone 7.8/8 features, and hopefully some release dates. Let's … [Read more...]

First Microsoft international store will open in Toronto, Canada


With the recent 2012 Worldwide Partner Conference taking place in Toronto, there was no better moment for Microsoft to announce that the first international store will soon open in Toronto. The specific store location in Toronto, Canada will be at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre. The store is set to open later this year, in time for Microsoft to release Windows Phone 8, Office … [Read more...]

Microsoft will take on awareness issues with the release of Windows Phone 8


At Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, there was a large Windows Phone presence, without a doubt, but some would say otherwise as far as the real world goes. Microsoft took the stage at WPC and declared that they realize there is a Windows Phone awareness problem, and they will address that issue with Windows Phone 8 later this year. Some instances of lack of awareness … [Read more...]

Microsoft brings back memories with determination to compete against Apple


At Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer brings back memories of the competitive history between Microsoft and Apple. That competitive battle especially reached a peak in the 1990's between Microsoft's PC and Apple's Mac systems. Now, Ballmer is bringing it all back, saying "we are trying to make absolutely clear we are not going to leave any … [Read more...]

Leaked Microsoft Research presentation shows off arc-shaped keyboard on Windows Phone


It has been long rumored that Microsoft was working on a one-handed keyboard for future devices for some time now, and now a leaked Microsoft Research presentation indicates makes it real. The keyboard is clearly designed to accommodate one-handed thumb typing. Instead of using a standard keyboard to type, the keyboard for the arc-shaped design takes a form similar to standard … [Read more...]