Dell Venue Pro Only Has 256MB Of RAM


The Dell Venue Pro has been a source of some contention with regards to how much RAM that nifty looking device actually packs. Dell hasn't officially said, and WP7 doesn't have the native ability to display how much memory there is. However, using an app called ¬†"Device Info" you can plumb into the depths of your phone, and PocketNow has found the rather saddening truth: the … [Read more...]

Video: Installing a microSD in Samsung Focus

Samsung Focus microSD install

Despite all the warnings, we know that many of you are likely going to upgrade the memory on your Samsung Focus. Here's a brief video that outlines the steps to upgrading the storage memory by installing a microSD card. The card used in this particular video was a SanDisk 32GB bulk-packaging microSD that was priced at roughly $90 with tax, shipping at Amazon. Note: It's … [Read more...]

AT&T Alerting Customers Not To Install MicroSD in Samsung Focus


While the Samsung Focus is supposed to fully support microSD expansion, now comes word that AT&T is telling employees to in turn tell customers not to install the cards just yet until Microsoft issues a "fix". There has been some chatter about the reliability of cards and perhaps this fix is intended to address those reliability issues. Since customers have to zero out … [Read more...]

New Freeware Software From Oxios Frees Up Memory

Oxios, makers of Oxios Memory, have added support for Windows Mobile 5 smartphone and the Moto Q. Oxios Memory 1.40, available as a free download, attempts to release as much memory as possible without damaging the internal state of the Windows Mobile device including the Moto Q. For more information, please visit¬†Oxios. … [Read more...]