Check Out WP7 Marketplace Through Your Browser, In English This Time


Yesterday we reported on a web service cataloging the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, which was¬†unfortunately¬†in Italian. What we didn't realize is that Microsoft's Bing visual search can act as an online catalog of WP7 apps. You can sort by category or price, as well as look at the top rated, newest free, newest paid, and most downloaded apps. There's no way to send the apps … [Read more...]

Check Out WP7 Marketplace Through Your Browser. In Italian.

Screen shot 2010-11-09 at 9.45.04 AM

Presently, in order to look around the WP7 marketplace, you have to do so through Zune software or your WP7 handset, right? Italian website MyLostBlog hacked together a webfront for the service, allowing you to browse through the apps without getting into Zune. The only downside? It's all in Italian. What we really need to see happen is something like AppShopper, but for … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Side-loading Allowed for Devs


What we've seen so far with respect to Microsoft's Marketplace is going to draw some serious similarities to Apple's App Store. With Android, end users can install applications from any source, even if it's from outside the Android Market. Not so for apps on Windows Phone 7. To accommodate developers, Microsoft is easing restrictions on them. At TechEd 2010, istartedsomething … [Read more...]