Mirror’s Edge now available on Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Marketplace


Yes, it is in fact another exclusive game to Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, only for a limited time as usual. After the limited time exclusivity for Lumia Windows Phones expires, Mirror's Edge will be available on the Windows Phone Marketplace as a whole. We would assume this exclusive period will most likely last 1-3 months. As soon as Mirror's Edge is available for all … [Read more...]

Nokia partnership with Genius Brands International brings Baby Genius to the Windows Phone


Nokia previously announced that they have a bunch of partnerships coming through for Windows Phone. Most of the partnerships will bring Nokia Lumia exclusives first, so get used to it. However, don't be discouraged if you own a Windows Phone that's not a Lumia. Remember, most of these Lumia exclusives are only temporary. Nokia reveals yet another partnership, this time with … [Read more...]

Draw Something and Words with Friends will definitely be 60 day exclusive to Nokia Lumia Windows Phones


According to WPCentral, they have apparently received confirmation that Draw Something and Words with Friends will be exclusive to Nokia Lumia Windows Phones for exactly 60 days. We previously mentioned a Nokia Conversations blog that set the exclusivity to "a couple of months", and with this information the exclusivity will literally be a couple of months - at 60 days. The … [Read more...]

Nokia’s VP of Worldwide Developer Relations talks Verizon and Sprint, PureView, and future Windows Phone devices


Neowin sat down with Richard Kerris, Nokia's VP of Worldwide Developer Relations, where he talked about Windows Phone on Sprint and Verizon, the future of PureView, and making concepts a reality with future devices. We break down all the juicy Windows Phone details right below for your easy reading. "It won't be long" before Lumia Windows Phones are available through … [Read more...]

The Lumia 610 is not the only low-tier Windows Phone to exist from Nokia


Via a conference call with investors, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop has reaffirmed that Nokia is not only committed to Windows Phone, but that the Lumia 610 is definitely not the only low-tier device to exist. Elop emphasized that Nokia needs to compete with Android aggressively, and that means going full force into the low-tier device market. "The low-end price point war is an … [Read more...]