Nokia Lumia 800 Coming Soon To Mexico


The latest March - April 2012 Telcel catalog is now available on their website. Making front page and inside headlines is the Nokia Lumia 800. The Mexico based carrier is expected to receive the Nokia Lumia 800 soon. According to a tip received by WMPoweruser, the Lumia 800 is expected to launch in Mexico between March 23rd and 26th of 2012. Pricing is absent in the catalog, … [Read more...]

Nokia Takes The Number One Spot In Microsoft Smartphone Vendors After Just One Quarter

Nokia Lumia 800

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, Nokia has now become the number one Microsoft smartphone vendor after completing the 2011 fourth quarter. Nokia released its first two Windows Phones in Q4 2011 and for the company, and Microsoft in agreement, it would be a true quarter that would reveal just how well Nokia could make it or break it. Nokia made it … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 710 And Lumia 800 Coming Soon To New Zealand


The Nokia New Zealand product catalog is now showing the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 as coming soon. Considering already released Nokia Windows Phone devices in the past month, the 'coming soon' window seems to vary greatly, some devices are releasing much more than soon while others are releasing in some confirmed months from now. According to WMPowerUser they have received a tip … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 710 Ready For Orange In France


Smartphone France has received an image showing off the new Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone in an Orange branded box. The Orange branding clearly indicates that some stores (according to Smartphone France) have already received the phones, but they are still not available for purchase anywhere in France. The availability should come very soon. Pricing for the device was also … [Read more...]

Great Deals On Samsung Focus, Samsung Focus Flash, Nokia Lumia 710 And More Windows Phones


Between Amazon Wireless and we have found some great deals on some of the best Windows Phones available today (all at off contract prices!). Included in these great deals is the recently released Nokia Lumia 710 which you can purchase off-contract at a sale price on Amazon Wireless in either black or white. We will spare you all the lengthy reading on what the price of … [Read more...]