Nokia Lumia 610 Now Available In Thailand


The Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone is now available for purchase in Thailand. The low-tier Windows Phone from Nokia is available for purchase in white, black, magenta, and cyan. That means all four color choices are available for customers in Thailand, and the price for the Lumia 610 is 7,400 THB. The Lumia 610 Windows Phone offers a 3.7″ display, 800 MHz processor, 256 MB of … [Read more...]

Nokia Hopes To Ship Lumia 610 NFC Worldwide To All Carriers


Although the initial announcement of the Nokia Lumia 610 NFC stated that Orange would first introduce the device in Europe, now Nokia has revealed hopes to ship the NFC device to operators worldwide. Looks like the Lumia 610 NFC was never going to remain Europe-only after all. “We wanted to promote the NFC ecosystem, and we believe the Lumia 610 would be a success because it’s … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 610 Confirmed For Arrival In First Week Of June For The UK


Nokia has now officially announced the Lumia 610 will be arriving in the United Kingdom in the first week of June. Despite some websites like Clove UK already having some versions of the Lumia 610 for at least a week, an official announcement from Nokia always means full stock will be available in priority (and local) locations. The official announcement was made at a … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 610 And Lumia 900 Launching In Australia In June


At a media event in Sydney, Australia earlier this month, it was confirmed that the Nokia Lumia 610 and Lumia 900 Windows Phones will arrive in Australia this June. No exact release dates revealed, but pricing and carrier availability have been detailed, and are provided below. Nokia Lumia 610 Exclusive through Boost Mobile until July, will then become available also … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 610 Now Available In Ukraine


Allo, a local Ukraine retail chain now has the Nokia Lumia 610 in stock and for sale. Allo also claims it is the only retailer at the moment to have the Lumia 610 available in the Ukraine. The Lumia 610 is selling at Allo for the price of UAH 2,299. We could not find any information, as far as available colors, through Allo. The Lumia 610 Windows Phone offers a 3.7″ display, … [Read more...]