Deal: Regional AT&T Promotions For Windows Phone Devices And Accessories


AT&T is really putting it all in for Windows Phone, at the moment there are up to four regional promotions going on that involve Windows Phone devices and accessories. We break down all four promotions below, be sure to take advantage as they are all limited time offers. These promotions are regional and only available in the United States through AT&T. Northeast … [Read more...]

Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, And HTC Will Release First Windows Phone 8 Devices


The big four Windows Phone manufacturers to introduce the first Windows Phone 8 devices later this year have now been named. Qualcomm processors have already been certified and confirmed to be installed on all Windows Phone 8 devices, for the moment, we know that already. The big four manufacturers to release the first Windows Phone 8 devices are Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, and … [Read more...]

Deal: Friday & Saturday Only, Nokia Lumia 710 And HTC Radar 4G Free Through T-Mobile


To celebrate Father's Day this weekend, T-Mobile is holding a super sale on some of the best 4G mobile devices. Included in those devices are two appropriate Windows Phones: the Nokia Lumia 710 and the HTC Radar 4G. Both the Lumia 710 and Radar 4G become free with a mail-in rebate you must fill out after purchase of either device through … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 8 Preview Devices Going Around In Australia


It seems Microsoft, or the involved OEMs if anything, have chosen to hide some Windows Phone 8 devices down under in Australia. According to multiple sources at WPDownUnder, there seems to be "credible corroborated information" on at least three OEMs testing out Windows Phone 8 devices in the country. Who are the big three OEMs hiding out some future devices in Australia? … [Read more...]

Telstra Officially Announces Australia’s First 4G Windows Phone


The insider information earlier this month from WPDownUnder was indeed correct about the arrival of the HTC Titan II in Australia this May. This time, WPDownUnder brings all the launch information from Telstra concerning the HTC Titan 4G (Australia's version of the Titan II). The HTC Titan 4G will launch next Tuesday, May 29, 2012 on the Telstra Mobile Network. “Australian … [Read more...]