$25 Amazon Gift Card With Purchase Of Windows Phone


As if Amazon Wireless selling Windows Phone devices for pennies wasn't enough, now they give you a $25 gift card for purchasing a new one! From May 30, 2011 to JuneĀ 30, 2011 you will receive a $25 Gift Card code for your Windows Phone purchase via Amazon Wireless. Most Windows Phone devices available on Amazon Wireless are already listed at a price of $0.01 (with new 2-year … [Read more...]

Verizon Sells Out of HTC Trophy

Verizon HTC Trophy sold out

Wondering how sales will be of the HTC Trophy on Verizon? In just a few hours, Verizon's website has been depleted of their stock of the HTC Trophy. While we don't know how many phones were on hand, this has to be good news for all parties involved, save for those who were planning on ordering today. We'll let you know if it pops back in stock. Damn those HTC Trophy … [Read more...]

Verizon HTC Trophy Now Available Online, Priced at $149.99

Verizon HTC Trophy

Huzzah! Verizon has joined the Windows Phone 7 fray with the release of the HTC Trophy. Priced at $149.99 (with a 2-year agreement), the HTC Trophy also comes with a free XBox 360 game. Customers have a choice been Kinect Sports, Halo Reach or LodeRunner. The free game offer requires a mail-in, but thankfully the $149.99 price does not require any rebates. You can order … [Read more...]

HTC Trophy on Verizon Official for May 26th, Priced at $149.99

HTC Trophy

The drama that is the rumored release date of the HTC Trophy on Verizon Wireless has thankfully come to an end with an official release date. The HTC Trophy will be available on Verizon Wireless online starting on May 26th, priced at $149.99, with in-store sales starting on June 2nd. For customers who purchase the HTC Trophy prior to July 15th, they can get a free Xbox 360 … [Read more...]

Next Major Release of Windows Phone Event Scheduled for May 24th

Microsoft Windows Phone Event

Microsoft is apparently sending out invites for a Windows Phone event on May 24th. We checked our inbox, but no love. The event invite says, "On May 24th we lift the curtain on the next major release of Windows Phone and we would like you to be the first to see it". The blazing red tiles look similar to what we've see on those HTC Trophy press shots, so it certainly sounds like … [Read more...]