Our Not So Hands-On, Hands-On With The Nokia Lumia 900


Last week, we live blogged the big Nokia Windows Phone coming out party, where the company introduced the Nokia Lumia 900. Unfortunately for us and ultimately our readers, the Nokia booth limited our hands-on to only allowing the booth personnel to handle the Lumia 900. Fret not, because we did come away with a incredibly short video and a fairly decent gallery of photos. … [Read more...]

MotoSurf A3100 Hands On Video

Last week at CES, Motorola displayed their next generation smartphone, the MotoSurf A3100. While reports say Motorola will focus on Android, there are still a crop of new Windows Mobile powered phones being released. The MotoSurf A3100 is the first Windows Mobile Professional or touchscreen smartphone released by Motorola. Availability will be limited to the Asia and Latin … [Read more...]

Moto Q 9m Hands On

Details and photos have emerged on the upcoming Verizon Moto Q 9m, not to be confused with the┬áMoto Q9h. A few weeks back, the Boy Genius Report manged to get their hands on the Moto Q 9h, running on AT&T Wireless. Today, they offered a hands-on look at a different variant, the Moto Q 9m complete with Verizon branding. The 'm' stands for music and could be the phone … [Read more...]