How To Bypass Your Carrier And Grab NoDo With An HTC [u]

Famed WP7 hacker Chris Walsh just posted this guide which shows you how to get past your carrier and get the NoDo update straight away — with a couple of caveats: it's for HTC phones only, and you need to be dev-unlocked. Essentially it's a way of bypassing the carrier check that your phone runs before allowing the update to go through. Here's how you do it: Download this … [Read more...]

HTC Hub Hacked To All Handsets

If you like the visual style (and possible data vampirism) of the HTC Hub but don't have an HTC device, then you'll be overjoyed to know that the folks on XDA have hacked the hub onto all WP7 phones. All you have to do is download the .xap and install it on a dev-unlocked device. Since it's not actually the latest version, and it isn't the live tile, so it probably won't … [Read more...]

HTC HD2 Gets Android/WP7 Dual-Boot

The hacking of WP7 onto the HTC HD2 has been a long and storied adventure, and now there's a very cool new twist: someone's hacked a dual-boot of Android and WP7 onto the handset. It's the usual kids from XDA behind it, and it's pretty technical, and is achieved by running WP7 and Android from a single SD card. It involves installing WP7 onto a small SD card, cloning the … [Read more...]

With ChevronWP7 Gone, Homebrew Will Remain

The ChevronWP7 team has been in a locked room with the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 guys for a couple of days, and they've just made a blog post about it. While under NDA for much of what they've discussed, the hacker team sounds happy with the progress made, and while Chevron won't work after the next OS update, they're working on a compromise that will allow some degree of … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Ported To HTC HD2

We've been covering the efforts to get WP7 onto the HTC HD2 for some time now, but your patience has paid off, as the hack has been completed! The release is imminent, and while it's not a fully functional version, much of what makes WP7 great is there. The problems arise from a previously reported issue whereby all cloud services are unusable. You can still email, make … [Read more...]