AT&T WP7 Phones Just $0.01 On Amazon

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Amazon is having one of their periodic penny smartphone sales, and have discounted all three AT&T WP7 phones down to just one cent. The Samsung Focus, LG Quantum, and HTC Surround are all as cheap as possible with you still giving someone money for them. This deal runs through January 17th, so you have a few days to mull over it. Since AT&T didn't announce any new … [Read more...]

AT&T Drops Prices On LG Quantum and Samsung Focus Down To $100


The constant markdown of Windows Phone 7 phones continues even after the holiday buying season. AT&T has knocked down the prices of the LG Quantum and Samsung Focus, and now they'll just set you back $99.99. Early reports indicated that AT&T is also offering free overnight shipping and activation, but that may have evaporated now. The question on everyone's mind is … [Read more...]

AT&T Offering 2-for-1 On All Windows Phone 7 Handsets

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Not to be outdone by T-Mobile, AT&T is also offering a two-for-one deal on WP7 phones, but are going a step beyond the competition, and the special applies to every handset in stock. That's right, starting Black Friday, you can pick up an LG Quantum, HTC Surround, or Samsung Focus and get one free. What's not immediately clear is if you get the same phone as you purchased … [Read more...]

Samsung Focus Free From Walmart

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The Samsung Focus is undoubtedly the WP7 device to have in the USA, and has received the brunt of attention from everyone, and is remarkably hard to get hold of now, having sold out from many locations. It turns out that everyone's least favorite retailer might just have you covered: Walmart is selling the phone for free on a new contract. The phone is $99.99, but you get a … [Read more...]

More SanDisk and Kingston MicroSD Cards Approved For WP7

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If you're still trying to track down a MicroSD card for you WP7 phone that won't be completely useless, we're starting to get a clearer picture of which ones are okay, and which ones aren't. From SanDisk, we have cards running from 2GB-32GB, approved for use in the Samsung Focus, with prices ranging from $16-$200. Kingston has a similar array of cards approved for the Focus, … [Read more...]